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Throw a Party for 30 kids for $30

Pinterest Parties Are Not Real

Ok, Pinterest parties are probably real. However, I'm convinced they're thrown by super heroes who come into your home the night before a party and set up everything while you sleep.

Since there weren't any superheroes at my door the night before my sons' party we had to step it up and plan an affordable but fun party, and it was honestly easier than you would think!

Step One: Remember this is a child's birthday party. This is not their wedding day. This is not YOUR birthday party. Step Two: Let your kids (and even their guests) be involved in the planning, decorations or even food prep. Kids like to do activities with their hands, so make it part of the event! Allow your kids to help with the prep ahead of time and even at the party itself. Why spend hours prepping ahead of time when one of the activities at the party can be food prep AND keep all of the little hands occupied? Step Three: Review step one and HAVE FUN!


Dollar Store:

$5.35 2 silver, 2 blue and 1 Frozen Balloon with helium

Grocery Store

$1 Loaf of Wheat Cottage Bread

$1 18 oz of Peanut Butter

$1 Jelly

$3.21 2 packs of Oreos (2/$3)

$2.5 Almond Bark

$0.50 Candy Corn

$1 Chocolate Chips

$1 Mini Chocolate Chips

$1.30 Marshmallows

$5 ice cream

$1.80 Cool Whip

$1.20 Pretzels

$1 Grahm Crackers

$1.50 Ritz Crackers

$1.66 Cheese Cubes


$1 1 Packet of Splash 2.0

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