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Hi, I'm Brittany

The main focus of my life is to positively influence those around me. Above all I hope I can show you just how beautiful your life is with you in it, just the way you are.


Now just a little bit about me. The perfect version of me treats my family as Jack Pearson does, but with Beth's sass (Anyone else love This is Us as much as I do?).


Donuts and discounts are my Kryptonite.

I love traveling, and always do so with my camera in hand.

I dance in the car. And around the house.

I sing at the top of my lungs at least once a day. Typically made up songs as if my life was a musical.

I grew up in Door County, WI and love the Packers.

Sundays are for church, but every day is for Jesus.

(We can still be friends even if you don't love Jesus like I do. We are all humans after all right?)


God has given me an amazing life that I do my best not to take for granted. Some days it seems perfect, and other days I want to crawl into a dark corner of my house and never emerge. I'm getting better at sharing the harder days because nobody wants to watch a perfect life on social media anyway (and, duh, nobody's life is perfect so stop comparing yours to lives on the Internet. We all cry, have bad days, struggle, laugh, and try again. It's up to you which of those you choose to see in others and see in yourself.)


Whether we're hanging out, you've hired me to photograph your life, or you want me to speak at your next event, I promise that we will laugh together, cry a little (both tears of joy and out of love), and if you are lucky we can even dance.

Get ready. Your
R. E. S. E. T.
is waiting for you.

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