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What is R.E.S.E.T. '23?

It's the annual event you need to thrive in your career AND at home.

Keynote speakers who could moonlight as stand-up comedians! Forget your morning brew; our keynote speakers are serving up inspiration that'll have you running on pure entrepreneurial adrenaline! (But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of morning brew to go around!)

Breakout sessions so engaging, they'll make you ditch your favorite Netflix series to live out your real-life version of a sitcom

RESET '23 Poster.png

Networking opportunities that might just lead to your next big business venture (or at least a fantastic karaoke duet)! We've got speed networking sessions where you'll meet so many awesome people that LinkedIn will be sending us a thank-you!

Prizes and Surprises: Did we mention a raffle with amazing prizes? Everyone will be entered to win items that'll make your business take off faster than a tennis ball that made contact with Serena's racket.

Foodie Paradise: With an onsite all-day supply of locally made food, and our version of a bottomless coffee pot, you will not thirst or hunger here except for more knowledge from your keynote speakers!

Whether you're an entrepreneur, startup founder, or just looking for business inspo, this conference will RESET your passion and drive, leaving you with the same feeling of satisfaction as when you get a USB plug right on the first try.

Don't be the one who hears about it later and says, "I wish I'd been there!" See you on October 16-17 in Decorah, Iowa!

Note: All topics and action steps are the opinions of the speakers. None of the items discussed are a promise that your business will grow, but we do stand by that our opinions are valid ideas that worked for each of us.

This conference is brought to you by Create Your Yes, LLC.

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